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DIY – Flower Crowns

Keeping in spirit of the upcoming festival and summer season, this week's D.I.Y: flower crowns. We love how easy they are to make and how happy they make us feel. Even though you can buy flower crowns on Etsy, it's much more fun to create one yourself and here's how. First you need to get all of your supplies, they can be bought at any craft store. You will need silk flowers (or real if you prefer), wire cutters, heavy wire for the base, thin floral wire to attach the flowers and tape or ribbon. Take the heavy wire and shape it into a circle that fits comfortably on your head, make it a tad bigger so that the flowers fit on. Begin to arrange the flowers on the base in a way that you like and start to attach them with the thin wire. Start from the back and work your way forward. You can either fill the entire base or only 3/4 of the crown. Once you are finished attaching the flowers to the base, you can finish it off by wrapping ribbon around the empty space. And there ya go, it's that easy. Have fun with this and share pictures of your crowns!

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